@brion I don't suppose you happen to be at all vers'd in the arcane wayes of ye MediaWiki Media Viewer?

It's suddenly claiming it can't display images, even though everything else seems to be able to access them just fine, and goggling error messages has so far only led me down a number of faded deer-paths.

@woozle that’s some scary paths ;) i’m not really familiar with that particular bit but i can try to help diagnose if possible!

@brion There's a possibility it's actually an api.php issue -- is that something you're more familiar with? I'm doing a debug-trace-log to figure out what's going on, and... the trace suddenly stops when it tries to get a new ApiMain... mysteeeerious [waggles fingers]. 🎩

@woozle hmm, could be a thing where somethign changed internally to ApiMain and had to be updated in MediaViewer -- are the versions in sync? (We're really bad about keeping old compatible versions synced, so latest is greatest.)

Feel free to drop error details by dm etc, I'll see if I can divine any details.


@brion Looks like this one was my bad -- trying to print_r() the value of $processor was eating up all the RAMs.

...and now the log files aren't being generated at all; obviously I've mucked something up somewhere...

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