Is it just me, or is the way that handles permissions kinda messed-up?

It wants you to run it as a regular user, so it won't create stuff that has permission problems for that user, but it also needs to do stuff as root, for which it will ask you for that user's password in order to invoke sudo.

...even if that user doesn't and shouldn't have sudo privs.

...and it doesn't give you the option of changing to root instead, or to another user who does have sudo privs.

I mean, shouldn't those two types of operations -- (a) stuff that affects the system and (b) stuff that's supposed to remain under the user's control -- be, like, separate operations??

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Oh, and I forgot to mention: dark red is not a good choice -- because some terminals have dark backgrounds, ya know??

There have been times when I had to paste error messages into a text-editor in order to read them.

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@woozle also the part where one person had passwords for two people

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