Given all the commercial signups we get (probably mostly by bots operated by social media promotion agencies), I kind of feel like it'd be worth trying this plan:

  1. Instead of just suspending accounts automatically, send them a bill for hosting -- say, a year for $5.
  2. If they don't pay the bill within X days, then suspend them.
  3. In the meantime, they'd get moved over to a separate instance, so other instances that want to block all commercial traffic could do so without blocking us.

We could call it ("purr" for PR).

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sounds like you're just making more work for yourself.

i would expect all social media bots to ignore the bill from (but that is just a guess)

thank you for your part in making so nice

@woozle I’m in favor of this. Fee can be waived if new sign up has a referral from an existing user in good standing, because I’m certain none of us are going to knowingly recommend a spam account.

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