Is it just me, or is there really no way to copy a list of media files (not all of them; just a list) from one installation to another?

...without, you know, writing an extension or something.

(...which I'd be more tempted to do except that I'm putting all of my coding efforts these days into replacing MW rather than enhancing it.)

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@woozle sadly I don't recall a good way to do this; there was some work to integrate uploads into special:export but i'm not convinced it ever got fully completed

if you copy the files out manually you can batch-import them to the new wiki with maintenance/importImages.php on the CLI

@brion I'm settling for side-loading them one by one, since that's about as fast as manually saving them out (but without the extra step to upload).

@woozle ok it _might_ work on CLI to use --uploads option to dumpBackup.php + importDump.php but a) i have no idea if this has bitrotted in last decade and b) if you're limited to web api that won't help ya

@brion What I really need is a process that handles embedded images the same way the current process handles templates... like, just add a little checkbox to the existing export dialog -- "include embedded File: pages" -- and then add both the File: pages and the images themselves to the zip file.

Aside: isn't it kind of ludicrous that exporting a File: page doesn't also export the actual file?

Just being able to do that would make manual copying about 10 times easier, even if it was still a multi-step process per image.

It sounds like there's not much interest in any of that, though, so I'd be on my own for getting it done.

@woozle yeah the underlying code for exactly that is half done but not hooked up to the UI...

@woozle Scaffolding is part of replacement.

Especially export scaffolding.

(That said, extending might be a more viable option.)

@dredmorbius That's actually a very good thought. I will very much want to be able to import MediaWiki content into Wikcess; perhaps I should look at this as part of that project, and therefore not effort wasted on MW improvement.

@woozle There's a very long history of providing interface / export tools as an aid in promoting and supporting alternatives (to the system for which the interfaces/export tools are provided).

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