I just discovered that videos on Masto loop automatically.

Can this please not be a thing? Who is this good for except "engagement" algorithms, which we emphatically reject?

@woozle Glad to know I'm not the only one who hates it. I keep waiting for it to stop so I know it's over and .... nope!

Also, if you have media hidden, you can click the eye a second time to re-hide an image .... but not a video.

I always re-hide the media I've looked at. No one passing through my physical space needs to know which things I've been perusing. There are times I choose to simply avoid videos for this reason.

@woozle This is one of those cases where it seriously feels like the features were implemented so they could be checked off a list, not so they could be used.

@SetecAstronomy Yeah. Very sales-oriented, which is completely inappropriate for libre software.

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