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Haalp. What does it mean when a drive goes read-only when booted therefrom, and yet it appears just fine and dandy (and writeable) when you boot from a livestick and take a look at that same drive?

SMART reports no problems, fsck reports no problems.

Is there a diagnostic path for this?


Desperate in Durham (No Clue in NC)

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Oh, I probably should have mentioned that I'm running Ubuntu 20.04 on both the drive and the stick.

The drive is a newly-purchased SSD which was working fine until I tried to muck with /etc/fstab -- but un-mucking it doesn't seem to help.

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@woozle check permissions and group and owner. There are literally dozens and an inexhaustible list of reasons this could happen. Try a site called readthedocs i think it’s called. :) good luck hehe. My linux brain is not here today.

@f0photo Permissions on what, though? It's the whole drive that goes read-only, and it apparently gets that way by the time it hits the grub menu -- so I don't think it's anything inside the file-system... and the disk is read/write when I boot from a separate device, so it's not something inherent to the disk.

Something very early in the boot sequence is clearly munged.

@woozle sorry to have piqued your hope i really don’t know offhand. Its likely one of those maddening things. Weird to hear you can’t pick it in grub. Check bios for booting off external? Sorry to bow out of i think of anything I’ll let you know

@woozle oh. Permission on the drive. Is the drive set up correctly in your fstab and such as well?

@f0photo That was where the problem happened -- it was booting fine, and I was trying to set up a secondary drive to automatically mount at boot, so server processes could access it without someone having to log in and manually mount it.

Reverting the fstab didn't fix the problem, though, and it's looking like something munged something in the boot partition.

Fortunately, I am now making progress on learning how to create a working boot partition without doing a whole new install. We'll see where this goes...

@woozle coooool. Yeah these things are generally a guess and test... 🤪🙃 glad to hear it.

@woozle @f0photo What does your fstab look like? Also, what does your grub.conf look like?

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