Happy 4th Birthday ! πŸŽ‚ 🎈

Our first toot was on this day in 2017.

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@Asuyuia You will be baked, but we at Aperture Science believe firmly in your right to choose whether or not this causes burning. Any harm done to you personally is therefore entirely your responsibility. Thank you for choosing Aperture Science for all your testing needs.

@woozle I will just stick to writing instead of science :p

Granted I was more talented at science and dyslexia got the in way of language so much ...
Yet I write a bit and don't really science >.<

@Asuyuia That's a mood. I was interested in science as a kid, but depression and ADHD got in the way... so now I mainly use it when I'm writing about political disinformation that involves science. This does, however, seem like a useful thing to be doing, so yay? :D

@woozle Depression is a powerful beast I know well. As for writing I will stick to fiction :p

@Asuyuia I keep wanting to write fiction, as I have a number of interesting ideas, but I seem to have difficulty creating characters that feel believable.

I probably just need to spend more time on it -- but that's the story of my life on lots of other fronts as well... [Kermit flail]

@woozle My problem is more motivation and such which can lead to stories getting neglected (or all of them). As for character writing I think it is partly practice. I find I have an idea of what I want a character to be, what events need to happen to make them like that and go about it like that. Some characters get less work than others (some just some traits).
However now I can just sort of create them with minimal details if I need to. Honestly just a practice thing I assume. Maybe write characters in a short story (very short) about how a random character is shaped, grows or just something that make me who you want them to be shine a bit. I find that I am pretty bad at getting into people's heads and though processes but I can get into my characters very well at times to the point they can write themselves.

Granted who knows how good my characters are, I just write stuff of likely questionable quality without many people reading it. Maybe work on exploring traits, simple ones could be stuff like anger, ambition and such to more complex ones that are starting to interact and expand on other traits.

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