bad devops humor 

Q: Why couldn't the user get the GPS to work?
A: He couldn't get route* access.
* you have to pronounce this "root", it's the rules

Q. Why was the sysop always spouting cheap philosophical points?
A. She was a sudo-intellectual.

Q. Why did the coder have to use fuzzy logic for all their branching?
A. They were nonbinary.

Q. What does a coder do when they don't have time for all their RSS feeds?
A. Subscribe to the reader's digest.

Q. What did the body-snatcher do when it couldn't find any more humans to replicate?
A. Start a podcast.

(I don't know where these all came from; I blame :ghost_pip:​.)

cc: @Harena @noelle @SetecAstronomy

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