Single-step debugging (SSD) with

a brief review

βœ… SSD support in PHP (Xdebug module)
βœ… SSD support in KDevelop (native)
🚫 instructions on how to activate SSD in KDevelop when working with an interpreted language
🚫 any information at all about how to use KDevelop with PHP, other than "there's a plug-in!" (which I have installed)


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@woozle "But we know how it works, so why would we need to write it down?"

@SetecAstronomy Gotta have job security! Knowledge is power, maaan -- knowutta mean? (nudge nudge wink wink)

@woozle If you're going to insist on keeping all that knowledge locked in your head, I'm going to have to insist on using this can-opener.

@SetecAstronomy ...if only to make sure that you haven't left your brain in one of the obvious places.

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