me snarking on Nextdoor 


Tony Bolony:

Uhmm. I am running away from censorship platforms. Is this a safe space bubble?


Don't worry, you're completely unsafe here. We will do our best to ensure that you feel threatened and microaggressed at all times.

Please let us know your preferred insults, and whether there's any particular unpleasant content you'd like to be exposed to without warning.


Chief Agitator
The Thought Mafia

Tony Bolony:

I like Woozle Staddon already 馃ぃ


Is it wrong to give a masochist what they want?

Web 2 0 4

me snarking on Nextdoor 

@woozle eww but also hahaha

me snarking on Nextdoor 

@woozle Said the masochist, 鈥淗urt me!鈥 Replied the sadist, 鈥淣o.鈥

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