one if my faves!
shows paul's talents in many contexts
everyone seems to be having a nice time

i remember going to concerts ...

@js0000 I never went to a Paul concert, though I did go to see {Pink Floyd}x0.75 twice (Momentary Lapse of Reason tour), ELO once, TMBG twice (Apollo 18 and The Else tours), and -- by sheer luck -- a front-row seat on one of Aretha Franklin's last tours.

Oh, and also Suzanne Vega sometime in the late 1980s, with Tigger.

@Harena saw PF's The Wall performance -- they only did it in NYC and LA -- as well as Roger Waters and the Moody Blues (and the latter of those TMBG performances, we saw together).

@woozle @Harena

saw paul a few years ago in a baseball stadium in detroit- not at the same peak he was on the wings tour captured on that disk (but fun anyway)

oncevagain, a fine show

elo when?

i saw zappa in late 70s with my straight as hell parents. it was about as weird as you might imagine ...

"rock show!"

@js0000 ELO in 1981, Wembley Arena (there's a picture of the tickets at the link), for the Time tour.


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