Today's dilemma:

  • My cell data ran out 2 days ago.
  • It renews tomorrow.
  • I have to go shopping.
  • @Harena and I use Discord to communicate while I'm shopping
  • We keep our household grocery lists in channels on our home Discord server.
  • There are in fact some items on the list, but I've copied them into a locally-stored scratchpad on my phone.
  • Renewal costs $5.

The big decision I now must make: spend $5 for an extra GB of data that will only be needed until tomorrow, or not?

I'm leaning towards not.

P.S. I hate the model of resource purchases not rolling over. It's exploitative and unnecessary.

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@woozle I can send you $10 via PayPal if it'll help.

@maloki Belated much-thanks for the offer! I did have the $5 if I needed it; just trying not to spend unnecessarily. <3

@woozle Switch phones with @Harena ? Can you handle that level of green?

@SetecAstronomy @woozle Shhhh... don't tell anyone.. *whispers* but I am ALSO wearing blue >.>

@woozle @Harena Yep. Nope. I'm familiar with that one and I can't stand it >_>

I enjoyed giving up my funk though.

@SetecAstronomy @woozle I do prefer B's cover of "da ba dee da ba die" best ;)


Surrender'st thou thy funk unto the Mothership, being sure to first apply a glide to thy stride and a dip to thine hip.



Weeee want the green --
gotta have that green (aoww...)
-- with apologies to Parliament

(@Harena and I both came up with this independently. Great minds etc.)

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