Is it just me, or is the new WYSIWYG editor in really fragile?

I've gotten it working several times, only to later find that it's not working.

It doesn't work at all on my home server.

Where are the diagnostics?

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@woozle they rewrote the backend in php (it was in JS) and now it's extra fragile.

@oreolek Huh! 'Cuz I'd know how to fix PHP issues, if that's all it was... but there's some kind of separate server (Parsoid, I think?) which MW has to talk to, apparently over SSL for some reason (??)... and I have no idea where the code is or how it is invoked.

Fortunately the new editor is not required and easily disabled, but still... it looks nice (when it's working), and I'd like to be able to offer it to users as an option.

@woozle parsoid was the JS server. It's marked as outdated now. Self-hosted wikis already run PHP so there is some sense in porting it to PHP.

Don't even bother with VisualEditor if your wiki is private, it was mostly tested on Wikipedia. Also seamless switching between code and WYSIWYG requires running another JS server.

In the stable version code is in vendor/wikimedia/parsoid composer package

@oreolek Thanks for the tip -- that may give me a lead on what's borked.

Most of my wikis are public-facing, and potential users have commented that wiki markup is a bit of a learning-curve for them.

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