Just a note to clarify a thing... yesterday I boosted a toot which, among other things, said "kill all of the landlords".

I don't literally think we should kill all of the landlords.

I take this kind of thing as:

(1) an expression of legitimate rage, not a suggestion that this would be a good action to take

(2) not actually applying to all landlords but to those those who prey upon those with less power -- especially corporate owners who see other people's housing as a profit-center rather than a vital service, and

(3) indicating more of a spirit of "this system, of making profit off basic needs without ensuring that those needs are universally met, is rotten to the core and needs to be metaphorically burned to the ground in order to ensure that we don't end up back where we were in another generation".

Comments? Objections?


The institution of private ownership of land is the problem. There is no just way to be a landlord since it is an intrinsically exploitative relationship.

Any policy that does not make it unprofitable to be landlord (say through universal rent control) or eliminate the institution outright is not going to stop the pain that the majority of people go through.

If anything the only problem with the original toot is it's class reductionism.


@zzz You see the problem as going beyond powerful vs. disempowered?

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I didn't like the minimisation of the threats POCs face under white supremacy to somehow being less important than the struggle of rich vs poor.

@zzz You have a point. Like, even well-off PoC in positions of political power face systemic racist BS.

...though of course there's also a lot of overlap between racism and dominance-structures... and I guess I sort of see the discrimination that nominally-powerful PoC face as being a form of class segregation (keeping PoC "in their place").

(Disclaimer: my take on this as a whiteperson™ may be distorted by being in the white fishbowl, and I apologize for any inaccuracies or misapprehensions of what is going on.)


There are multiple overlapping oppressions. I wish everything can be reduced to class struggle, but that's just not the case. I think the best move is to maintain solidarity across struggles and recognise that an attack on one is an attack on all.

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