...or is this a ?

When you indent in using lists, and one of the items has a blockquote, you lose all the indentation after the first line-break.

This makes it impossible to neatly indent blocks of text with line-breaks in them.

There may be a way to fix this with CSS, but I don't know it.

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@dredmorbius Tentatively, it may be a MediaWiki parsing bug. I was able to get a blockquote to indent properly by using straight-up HTML instead of wikicode. Will tinker with that further the next time I need an indented blockquote.

@woozle So, Mediawiki markup?

A lot of lightweight markup languages gain simplicity but lose the flexibility of straight HTML, especially where boundaries of different markup blocks are concerned: say, is that list followed by blockquote or with embedded blockquote?

For Markdown, indented blocks following a list item are continuations of the list. I don't recall Mediawiki's syntax but the documentation is generally excellent.

@dredmorbius MediaWiki wikitext doesn't formally recognize blockquotes; it just passes them through -- and not always in a way that makes sense in terms of the wikitext around it.

Fortunately, it also passes list tags through directly as well -- so I can probably get the results I need that way, possibly aided by templates if necessary.

What was happening, I think, is that I had this: <paste>
* list item <blockquote>text line
another ine of text</blockquote>

...and MediaWiki was treating end-of-line as also end-of-list-item, and inserting a "</li>", then treating the next line as outside the list (because no "*").

* this is a rare instance when I've had to go back to old-style Masto total-lack-of-markup to make sure that markup code was displayed without any interpretation

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