Okay, , I got some more bones to pick with you. 🤦‍♀️

  1. "Mix and Render" should not include muted tracks -- by the same logic which respects the mix levels in each track. A muted track is a track with the volume set to zero. "Mix" means "take what I'm hearing and render it to a single track".
  2. "Mix and Render" should include all (non-muted) tracks by default; I shouldn't have to explicitly select them. There should be a "mix and render selected tracks" option, if you think it's really necessary (CoolEdit Pro does it this way). I don't. (...though a way of storing multiple configs for the same set of tracks would be nice.)
  3. The mixer board should include a master volume slider, so you don't have to tweak every track (in equal proportion) to quiet a mix that's slightly too loud.

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