omg, drive-in movie theaters should totally become a thing again, because of social distancing.

The experience could be much richer, too -- there could be live text-chat that you can join by scanning a QIC code located on-site...

And you could use mobile devices for the audio, instead of a thing on a wire -- though if you wanted to use the theater's speaker instead of your phone (because quality), it could be connected wirelessly.

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@woozle You clearly haven't been to our local drive-in! They use a low-power FM transmitter--sound is to your car radio. Far better in every regard than the old speaker on a post model.

@naga Ahh yeah, I knew there had to have been some kind of improvement since then.

I do remember being taken to a drive-in exactly one time, as a kid, in our 1967 Dodge Coronet 440 station wagon. Us kids were put in the back with sleeping bags -- but I remember nothing else, including what the movie was (much less how the sound worked). I do know that the car in question had only an AM radio.

@woozle The main one I remember from childhood (1970s) was a Sinbad movie, one of the ones with Ray Harryhausen skeletons.

@naga @woozle Wait, y'all have a drive-in? I thought the nearest one was out in Henderson.

@ari @naga There was one, out in northeast Durham, but it closed sometime after the Great Housing Bubble Collapse of 2007.

There were probably a lot more of them, back around the time when I was taken to that one movie.

@ari @woozle Yeah, that's the one. It's about a 45-minute drive for me.

@naga @woozle Huh. I always thought Henderson was further out than it is. I should make the drive some time.

@ari @woozle It's not really all the way out to Henderson. It's the Raleigh Road Drive-In. Woozle's referring to the Star-Lite, if I recall correctly. For a while it propped itself up also doing VHS rentals, and then running a pawnshop during the days, but it eventually folded.

@naga @woozle ..... :blobfacepalm:

There are two Henderson, NCs. I only knew of the one (which is south of Asheville.)

I should definitely go out there some time.

@naga @woozle correction: apparently the one I knew about was Henderson*ville*

@naga @ari - my memory would have been from the early 1970s -- during which the historical record seems to indicate the Starlite was abandoned... so either it was re-opened for awhile during that time, or we actually went somewhere else.

(I remember thinking it looked familiar when we drove by it about a decade ago, though, so... [shrug])

Also, apparently the financials didn't kill it off in 2007; the then-current owner died suddenly.

@woozle @ari Yeah. I wasn't here back then (my memory was Kansas), so I knew it from the post-1986 resuscitation.

@woozle some use a transmitter so you can use your car's radio for audio too

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