I just stumbled across my private stash of links to G+ posts that I wanted to keep handy for future reference, and am now finding myself angry again at Google for not keeping at least the public posts (and their comments) available for read-only purposes.

We put so much time into discussions there, and almost none of it made it into I'm not even sure what got preserved in the Google Takeout image I made days before the takedown, because the format isn't human-friendly (JSON+CSV, looks like) and there are (as far as I know) no readers for it.

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@woozle I wrote a little quick and dirty Emacs thing to help me pull the occasional post from the archive and repost it to my blog. It's far from user friendly, but it could be a start, if more people were interested.

There is a recipe for importing gplus takeouts into Discourse, I think. So you could make a private Discourse (if you prefer) import the posts and then export the re-rendered content. Or something.


@kensanata @woozle

BTW @kensanata do you have a link to an imported g+ post? I'm interested to see what it looks like...


Latterly G+ allowed posting photos and albums, both in posts and in comments. And the photos in albums could have comments. I don't know if Takeout contains enough to put all that together, or if any post-closure tool dealt with it.

Even the 'hero' images when a post led off from a URL were rather a nice feature which it would be good to capture - especially when the URL is now dead and the image difficult to find.

I've got a few gigabytes of archives just sitting around.


@EdS Good point. I didn't investigate because I decided that I didn't want to keep the pictures.

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