I was cleaning and rearranging the small attic today, and came across this which I vaguely remember acquiring from somewhere maybe 15 or so years ago.

It used to be that every Radio Shack had one of these.

Also, there used to be a thing called Radio Shack where you could go to buy electronic components, in pretty much every town of any size.

Also, we didn't used to have to wear masks to protect from the coronavirus. Those were the days, eh?


Maybe I can use it to test the tubes in this here radio. Might be nice to have some music to listen to.

I hear these days they have intertubes for music. Do they have those at Radio Shack now?

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But whoa nelly, just look at all that sophisicated and somplex wiring underneath! You'd have to be some kind of genius wonder-kid to figure that out!

Wonder how ol' Tom Swift is doing; he might know... is he using that that "Insta-gram" to transmit his Wizard Camera photos across the country now? Maybe he could jigger this contraption up. (Is that the phrase the kids are using nowadays?)

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