Can someone plz explain to me why an image scanner isn't an input device that I can configure with the control panel and share over the network??

I was told 15 years ago that Linux, because it separates the back and front end of the scanning process (unlike the way Windows did or does with TWAIN), makes it possible to share scanners over a network -- but every time I've tried to follow the (fiddly, non-user-friendly) instructions on how to do this, it worketh not.


I wonder if I could do a GoFundMe to figure out how to properly set up scanners for networking.

If I can't ever get the instructions to work, I could always write something

Most people who have a need for it probably use some corporate solution with a giant super-expensive scanner that stuffs the output into a folder shared over Samba or something, though, so there's probably not much interest in this.

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@woozle I never had much luck getting network scanning with SANE back in the day. :( The hot new thing is to get a scanner that supports networking, apparently there's "driverless scanning" using MS and Apple flavored protocols and there's a SANE driver that supports both now (I can't remember the link offhand sorry)

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