@woozle I've been looking for comments from Seattleites specifically, but I've only really seen comments from journalism types more generally.


@woozle First :birdsite: comment I've seen from anyone who actually seems plugged in with Seattle activism:

<< This is a very interesting article, in that it is written by a tech reporter, talks mostly to claimants in a lawsuit against the city, and comes just days before the vote to defund SPD. Interesting. So interesting. >>


drugs ref 

@woozle And from a local reporter:

<< People probably have strong feelings about this NY Times article, but I’m going to focus on: Can we please stop using the smell of weed as a device to paint a picture of a particular event? It smells like weed everywhere! >>


@woozle this is a pretty conservative take, and late on a months old issue. Capitol Hill Seattle blog has a much more detailed and informative article on the lawsuit: capitolhillseattle.com/2020/06

The headline does not match the contents of this article (none of the businesses commented on police abolition, only the damage resulting from the CHOP?)

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