Question: Is there such a thing as co-operatively owned general (home, auto) insurance? All I can find is (a) health insurance co-ops and (b) insurance for co-operatively owned residences.

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@woozle I don't know if precisely co-operatives exist (as a legal form), but there are indeed mutual insurance companies for general purposes around the world. They're pretty much like co-operatives, but some legal differences may exist.

Also the situation is of course different in every country.

@woozle I think the general approach here is the same as house ownership: form an LLC

@aphyr I mean damage insurance (weather, fire, etc.), not liability insurance. The kind of insurance that's required for getting a mortgage.

...and also auto insurance (required in many states before you can drive a car on public roads).

@woozle Yeah! LLCs normally insure buildings, equipment, and autos. Mine carries several policies. I might be misunderstanding what you're asking for though--maybe you could explain a bit more?

@aphyr I'm thinking specifically of homeowner's insurance and car insurance.

We currently get ours through State Farm (as linked), but I recently read a study which rated them as the 4th worst insurance company (with Allstate being the very worst), and it suddenly occurred to me to wonder: since I have to have both of those kinds of insurance, whether there isn't some way I could be giving that money to the co-op economy instead of the plutonomy.

We pay about $2k/year for both types combined, so that's a substantial chunk of money I could be diverting from the plutonomy.

@woozle Ohhhhhhhhh, I think I misunderstood--I thought you had a collective which wanted to insure their car and house, but it sounds like you're asking about the ownership structure of the *insurance company*. Whoops!

@aphyr Yeah, finding insurance for co-ops was one of the two things I could find when I tried searching the web (the other one being health insurance co-ops, which is a type of insurance we can't even afford so oh well).

I'm just wanting to move as much as possible of my spending into the co-op economy, and the idea of co-op-owned insurance was something I only just now thought of (for some reason).

@woozle @aphyr in WA there's PEMCO, but I don't know if any national insurance co-ops.

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