Linux MINT 17.3 (2017) has an adjustment for mouse double-click timeout. Kubuntu 20.04 (2020) does not.

Neither of them have an adjustment for debouncing (minimum time-interval between clicks before they are counted as separate), which is what we really need because both of our mice have suddenly developed a tendency to emit double-clicks on a single click.

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@woozle Only ever seen this behavior with wireless mice, I should mention.

@Harena @woozle IIRC, this is caused by faulty switches for the buttons. If you were adventurous you could try swapping the right and left and thus moving the problem to somewhere it'll show up less often.

@SetecAstronomy @woozle Yeah, dunno if that's going to happen... I do have a backup for when I get SO aggravated with it that I can throw it across the room and use the backup instead ;)


Sooooo... see that guitar, hanging behind the table with the screws on it, which I wheeled out of the office to get it out of the way but which is now blocking access to the living room?

So, yeah, behind that guitar (which I can't get to, in the living room) you can see the top of a stack of banker's boxes, and behind them you can just make out a couple of plastic component-tray-boxes.

Those are on the top shelf of the desk which is my electronics work area. My electronics work area is behind all that.

For largely unrelated reasons (coughcoughbedbugscough), I think @Harena and I have arrived at the point where it's time to spend some money we don't have on some storage-space rental, which hopefully will ameliorate this situation. Eventually.


I am trying to slowly go through some of the stuff in my lab and hopefully end up with less of it when I'm done. That and make it easier to get to the things I'm more likely to use while perhaps moving others to secondary storage.
I still haven't figured out how I want to record things I have so that I'm more likely to use them - 1/2

@woozle @Harena I'd much rather reuse some bit of junk that I've already got than send it to the landfill just so I can buy a replacement six months later. But that only works if I know I have it and I can access it.
No idea how to help you with your stuff woes though :sadness: - 2/2

@SetecAstronomy @woozle Yeah, that's pretty much the method behind our hoarding madness.. we've just been so overwhelmed by Life, The Universe, & Everything that re-purposing progress has been slow, alas.

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