We need a news organization that can run without any outside money or sponsorship.

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That's the hard part...

One possibility I had in mind is that it should be operated by people who have other sources of income... but I guess even that might lead to some elitism, as there aren't very many people who have both enough to live on and free time. On the other hand, it would still be far less elitist (and less prone to control by super-elites and corporations) than the current news media. The salaries some of these people make... [shakes head]

Next iteration of that thought: Get a bunch of people of varying incomes to sign on as owners/operators. Everyone enters their income situation (allowing for local cost-of-living) and the ones with income to spare contribute some of it regularly so the people working 2-3 jobs can cut back to 1/2 or 1 job, leaving time to work on the news.

(So, basically, socialized news.)

A more obvious idea is for the news network to operate from the proceeds of networked businesses (e.g. networked small retail businesses, as discussed earlier but also here (I just remembered that I had written this... back in 2011, originally...).

The news org could decide, at any given time, whether or not it wanted to run any kind of promotions for the businesses, and if so what the nature of those promotions would be.

@dredmorbius That would be a big cautionary tale, there.

It's important to design organizations to have their priorities right from the ground up.

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