An acquaintance of mine from Google+ turns out to have some rather TERF-y views. (I won't go into those views here, hence lack of CW.)

She has acknowledged that I substantially helped her out once, so she at least won't dismiss me as a troll or something; likewise, I know she's not just a paid provocateur. @Harena and I even spoke with her over Zoom last week, trying to get things straight.

She's been ignoring me since then, so I felt it was time to escalate a bit -- I responded to her pinned Tweet on for readability reasons, and tagged her in a Tweet with the link.

I wouldn't be spending this much time on trying to communicate if there weren't this rare circumstance of actually knowing the person who is expressing these views, and having some claim to credibility with them.

I am nonetheless not optimistic; I feel like she's the sort of person who "knows what's right", and you're simply being unreasonable if you disagree.

I hope I'm wrong.

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@woozle @Harena Good luck. Perhaps the personal acquantanceship will open up a little emotional room for her to hear you.

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