social software which doesn't allow you to enter a reason when requesting contact with another user (like, how you know each other, or what made you want to follow them -- so that they will have some idea of whether or not to accept the request if they don't recognize you off the bat).

(I have mainly been on the other end of this -- receiving follow or friend requests from people I don't recognize, which sometimes turn out to be people I want to allow and sometimes don't.)

This applies to pretty much every social application ever, to the best of my recollection. whyyyyyy??

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@woozle at the very least it would be nice if follow requests from imported follow lists told you which user the exported follow came from (and first confirmed that their old account is not blocked/muted).

When people move accounts and change names without linking back in their bio that leaves me with investigative work finding out why this new person sent me a follow request with very few posts on their account and sparse bio info.

@woozle at least Nintendo switch will tell you "hey, this user added you as a friend through [social media] integration, and this is their [social media] username!" Which has been super helpful before for me

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