Can anyone recommend a good digital audio interface for music recording?

I would like something with at least 8 inputs, though I'm also interested in anything cheap even if it has fewer than that.

Mine is a PCI card, but that seems to be old tech now -- and it would be nice to have something that could work over USB, for use with a laptop.

I'll want to use it with Linux, but at this point I'll take recommendations for anything even if you don't know whether there are Linux drivers; I'll do the research and/or take the risks.

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...I mean, a PCI card that connects to a breakout box... which was never ideal, since that puts analog signals inside the PC case, but I don't think I ever had trouble with EM noise.

Nonetheless, something that talks to the computer over USB would necessarily have the A/D outside the PC, which seems like a better arrangement.

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@woozle Using Linux the Behringer umc404HD pretty much is your only option. I used to have a Roland UA-1010 Octa-Capture back in my Windows days, but I gave it away since it was not working properly anymore when I switched to Ubuntu Studio. Behringer interfaces are mostly supported as far as I am aware. It definitely is true for the umc404HD. Currently I am using a UMC202HD though (I do not need 8 inputs).


Behringer seems like a good lead, thank you .^

Note that what I was using is an M-Audio card that was never formally supported, but decent Linux drivers and GUI have been available for 5-10 years now.

@sozialwelten @woozle from reading around it seems that the Behringer UMC1820 works too - at least someone reports it being supported out of the box in UbuntuStudio 18.10 here:

@woozle Indeed.

I've been eyeing their H5 for my camera stuff and/or to double as a usb computer mic for other duties.

A number of photog/videog types have pointed me in their direction over the last year or so and with high marks.

@woozle I have a Scarlett 6i6 that I use with my Windoze machine and I really like it. You'd probably want the next one up for 8 inputs. As far as Linux, there is someone on Masto that I was keeping an eye on because they had got the unit to perform on their linux machine, but it was an ongoing adventure. The Scarletts are from Focusrite.

@woozle I'm not sure if @tim is using a linux machine when he records? He might have hardware suggestions. Also @Ricardus is a wealth of audio knowledge.

I know Behringer doesn't always have the professionals' favors but I made my workplace get the UCM1820 because it integrates perfectly well with Linux with no additional drivers and I am really happy with it.
All the inputs/outputs are detected and even the preamps are very fine.

@iantila "It works well" is kinda high on my list of priorities ;-)

@woozle Look at the Focusrite Scarlett line. Generally works well with linux, though they don't explicitly support it. I have the 2i2, and it works with 3 out of 4 of the linux boxes I've tried

@mosqueeto I found they have a page for checking OS compatibility page -- for the Scarlett line, it said OS didn't matter, so I'm taking that to mean they all just use bog standard USB audio protocols.

...which is good, and suggests that anything else that's just an audio interface (no on-board functionality that might need control from the PC) should work with Linux too.

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