Money is a form of unaccountable power.

It doesn't matter what you did to get the money; if you have a lot of it, you can make things happen.

(There's a small amount of accountability around what you do with it, but enough money makes it possible to hide from that as well.)

...and let's not forget that it's often easier to use money to make bad things happen than to make good things happen.

In fact, you tend to get more of it when you use it for bad things.

Remind me why this is a good system, again?


@SetecAstronomy This reminds me of the kind of responses I would sometimes get on G+ when I'd point out a systemic problem.

me: X is bad because it gives people an incentive to do Y.
random person: but I like doing X, because I get Y! It's great, you should try it.

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@woozle Blowing up planets is an incredible stress-reliever, you should try it.

Ask any Vogon you happen to seeee:
what's the best de-stresser?
Blowing up Sol Three! 😃

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