Okay, it's official: I really hate Mastodon's post-length limit. No other social network software has it. Why do we? ...except for being more like Twitspace, which doesn't really seem like a laudable goal tee-bee-queue-aitch.

@woozle It's a very opinionated thing, and clearly not everybody agrees with the opinions of the main developer here.

I fully agree with you by the way, and 500 characters is so arbitrary. It's as if the thinking was that Twitter is a perfect kind of interactions, just that the posts are ever so slightly too short.

The easiest solution is to move to Glitch which is a fork of Mastodon which changes this, as well as adds some really useful features such as markup. Since it's a Mastodon fork, it's compatible which means that migration is rather simple.

@loke We migrated toot.cat to Glitch last year -- and yes, it's definitely an improvement. I also upped our limit to 1000.

I'm just really questioning why there's a need for a limit at all, on any instance. (Yet to be determined: does Glitch allow removing the limit altogether, or do you have to set it to some arbitrarily high limit? I'm sure ash has told me, but I don't remember.)

@woozle @loke Depends if one wants a longread or a microblog instance.

I can understand Mastodon limiting the size to create a certain atmosphere. The UI is not really geared toward long reads, so it takes sense to point the community in the microblog direction. For long reads probably a low-distraction UI like writefreely is more suitable.

@clacke @woozle That is true. But This instance was limited to 500 characters for a long time, and there were plenty of times where that just wasn't enough. I think right now, I often exceed 500 chars on a regular basis, often reaching slightly above.

It's just much less stressful to have to constantly think of the character count all the time.

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