Okay, it's official: I really hate Mastodon's post-length limit. No other social network software has it. Why do we? ...except for being more like Twitspace, which doesn't really seem like a laudable goal tee-bee-queue-aitch.

@woozle come to pleroma, we have a far higher default character limit :)

@sylveon Pleroma lacks the CW feature, I believe? Or have they fixed that?

(I've also heard that the culture around it tends to be a bit toxic, but that's something which can be dealt with.)

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@woozle pleroma allows you to automatically hide posts with subject lines, this gives the same function.

there are definitely some mean people on Pleroma. but given that Gab uses a fork of Mastodon...
@woozle @sylveon You can choose whether to fold, and adding your own "subject" ("CW") is supported in main posts and comments alike.

The naming and the default being no fold probably influences instance culture and how people use the feature.
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