I think to a large extent I'm still dealing with the mental baggage of having worked with Dan Dudley, who was insanely perfectionistic.

He often had strong opinions about which tracks or mixes sounded right and which weren't quite there -- in ways that the rest of us often couldn't quite discern...

...which meant that he typically ended up having the last word over which take or mix was the right one, even if one or more of the rest of us had other ideas... 🤔

That said, it would be nice if I could tell what sound I'm getting out of the guitar without having to record a bit and then play it back. I need to twiddle the knobs and find the sound I'm looking for, but I've got it plugged directly into the back of the PC and can't figure out how to make the PC (or Audacity) pipe the incoming sound back out.

I could do it with the M-Audio.

CoolEdit Pro is (well...okay, was; it was renamed Adobe Audition or something over a decade ago and for all I know you have to rent it now and it only exists as a web app), like, a zillion times more intuitive than Audacity.

Just sayin'.

If any of the Audacity devs would like guidance on what needs to change, I have a list. >.>

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Picking up from last night...

I found out how to get Audacity to play back the input in realtime, yay.

If you leave it on too long, though, there's a delay which slowly accumulates. Not sure what's going on there, but obviously the pass-through is digital -- wish there were a way to use that for trying out effects (without using JACK, which I've not yet been able to get working).

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Oh hey, how 'bout that -- on Ubuntu-MATE 20.04, Ardour Just Works.

Now, do I want to take the time to figure out how to use it (where are the effects??) or should I go back to Audacity?

Big decisions.

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I found where the effects ("processors") are, and added one, but it's not doing anything.

It looks like Ardour does a thing that CEP does where you can use effects live during the mix, but I don't see how to apply one to an existing track and save the results (which is easier on the CPU).

Going back to Audacity for now, but I do want to play around with Ardour... sometime when I'm not actually trying to get something done.

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