So, like, it has USB ports, but neither the BIOS nor Windows seem to know what to do with the keyboard and mouse I plugged into them.

So I went looking for some PS/2 peripherals, and... I *do* have more recent stuff somewhere, but what I found was a Model M and a ball-mouse.

The keyboard I dug up works, some, but some of the keys don't -- so I used ALT-numpad codes to type in the missing letters in the username and password. (Why can't Linux do this. )

It has a gig of RAM, which was pretty awesome for 2003 (looks like that's when it was set up)... and, like, 7 card slots... and, um, plenty of disk space, as you can see from the screenshot below! :battery_full:

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@woozle some old BIOSes had a setting for USB peripheral emulation or summat. Basically let older/simpler OSes see USB input peripherals as something they could grok. Maybe yours has this feature.

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