Who, when they were designing , thought it was a good idea for certain controls* not to return a value at all when not selected? Just sayin'

  • type=checkbox, I'm lookin' at you :scowl:
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@tennoseremel Yehbut need I point out how this breaks the overall model?

@tennoseremel The model is a design choice. The problem is that they didn't pick one and consistently follow it.

e.g. when a text control is blank, it still reports its value. If the model is that a POST element indicates "there is a value here" (rather than "there is a control here"), empty text-boxes and un-selected dropdowns wouldn't have entries in POST.

Better yet, have an option in the tag specifying whether to include blank values.

@woozle Consistency is the one thing you'll NOT find in either HTML or CSS. That's just not a thing, yeah :blobcatgoogly:

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