Why isn't there a standard format for résumé data? Like, 90% of job applications I run into ask the same questions. Some of them try (usually badly) to pre-fill the answers based on the résumé PDF I may have already uploaded.

There should be a Work Experience Markup Language (WXML) microformat for this, so I can just maintain one document and not have to recreate every past job (a process involving many clicks and much typing) on each site.

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@woozle even better idea: remove all the bullshit out of job applications. Job tells you what you need to be able to do, you put in your name/email/phone number, and if the position is still open you just get the job

@LunaDragofelis I mean, galaxy-brain says "employment" is a bogus model anyway in that it prioritizes the needs of a select few (owners) over the many (workers), which is kinda just wrong.

The raison d'être of any company should be primarily to in some way meet goals assigned to it by its community (members/workers/customers) -- and if there are community members with certain skills that could be of use, it would help those people find useful roles, while ensuring that they are taken care of regardless of whether their work is needed at any given time.

@charly That's certainly a start! It looks like you could probably encode all the essential elements of a CV that way. (Now, where are the apps and libraries?)

@woozle I don't know any library or application that makes use of this vocabulary. I just started to add some on my own resume :

but if you have some ideas, I may code an open source prototype :p

@woozle btw love the answers here, especially, but there's also a "complete" json schema -
obviously if one standard is best, there will be eight standards. But what can you do?

@falkreon Aha! So there *has* been some serious work on this! Good to know.

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