Maybe there are some situations where they are necessary? Most of the time they aren't, and they actively get in the way. Two recent examples:

1. I'm saving a credit card statement. The web site doesn't automatically give the file a useful name that has the statement date in it, so I need to see the date on the statement -- but the date is scrolled off the screen and the dialog prevents me from scrolling the statement.

2. I'm sorting some columns in Calc, and I need to select which columns to sort by, but some of the columns I want to sort are scrolled off to the left, and the "sort" dialog won't let me scroll back to see what they are.

Making the dialog always-on-top is fine. Making the background window darker is fine. Just don't prevent interaction with the background -- mmkay??

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@woozle Agreed. I just grumbled about that yesterday, using Libre. The modal concept is necessary but scrolling of what is below and moving of the dialog window itself should be allowed. You can't change anything under the modal but you must be allowed to look at it.
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