sites that won't let you see what the password is as you're typing it, even as an option.

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web things (-) 

@woozle It's extra annoying knowing they went out of their way to do that: since browsers usually provide a way to look into <input type="password"/> fields, it must mean they implemented the form field themselves, and probably broke password manager integration and accessibility affordances (e.g. screen readers can't know about custom reimplementations of password fields, only the standard one)

There are times I kind of wish I knew enough web design to understand why people reach for solutions that are harder and seemingly less functional.

OTOH there's already too much cursed knowledge in my head as-is. :/

re: web things (-) 

@kellerfuchs I can only think it's basically security theatre, whether intentionally or otherwise :-/

web things (-) 

@kellerfuchs @woozle my guess? Styling, shiny features, integrating with react/angular/etc

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