tfw you need a 15ft or maybe 25ft network cable, and all you can find are 10ft or less and 50ft or longer...

...and going out just to get a stupid cable during a pandemic seems like a bad idea, and anyway they're only taking phone orders and you have phone-phobia.

? ? ?

( Aside: why TF is a *computer store* not taking orders via digital media of any kind?? )

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@woozle I bought the tools to make my own cables. After my project, I haven't used them since. Still, I highly recommend the pull-through cable ends. They are a joy to use compared to the others.

@Jirikiha I'm almost certain I have a crimper and some ends, somewhere. Also definitely a cable tester -- actually, two, I think? -- purchased within the past year or two.

Somewhere. >.>

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