Cheese used to be a good webcam application, but someone did something to it and it's now unusable.
- can't turn off or set the countdown
- can't set the resolution
- new images no longer appear in the gallery until you close & reopen Cheese
- there is in fact NO OPTION MENU ANYMORE (I don't even know what version this is, because there's no "About" dialog) (Synaptic says it's 3.34.0-1)

All of these features were available IN THE PREVIOUS VERSION.

I have to wonder if Cheese has been a victim of the mindset @xj9 is talking about here:

This mindset baffles and infuriates me.

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Via Synaptic, I found the documentation -- which heavily implies that yes, there is still an options-menu somewhere. Unfortunately they don't give details on how to access it, or any screenshots, so I can't tell if this is just me not seeing something obvious or if maybe KDE is somehow messing with it.
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