@Harena was having trouble connecting her bank account to #PayPal -- the full story won't fit here >.< but the short version is that I ended up poking around my PayPal, found I couldn't edit my banks... and then the site popped up a survey... with a space for comments at the end.

Here's what I typed.

I currently cannot edit banks -- the "Edit" link goes to an error page.

When linking a new bank, I am also suspicious of the option to provide PayPal with my login credentials. This seems like a bad idea. At least one of our banks makes a point of saying "we will never ask for your password, do not ever give it to anyone" -- but here's PayPal, a third party, asking for it.

At the very least, there should be a message explaining how PayPal will use this information (will it be retained beyond the initial connection, will it be written to permanent storage, and if so how will it be safeguarded/encrypted, etc.).

@woozle The very fact that Paypal thinks I should trust *them* with my bank login makes me want to go screaming for the hills.

And then their "Link by Alternative Method" didn't work/go through no matter what browser I used.

As if we didn't need another reason to distrust, loathe, eschew Paypal. If they didn't basically have a monopoly on digital money, they couldn't get away with their crap and they know it :P

@woozle @Harena the banking industry needs to settle on some common OAuth mechanism, like, yesterday. It’s asinine how many financial things use “give us your username and password and we’ll log in to make the connection, TRUST US” to link accounts now. And the “verify connection via two micro deposits” thing is also fucking ridiculous.

@fluffy @Harena I figure the credit card companies are probably the reason we don't have a federally-mandated equivalent to the UK system for sending money from one bank account to another (not necessarily trusted) account. If it was easier to do that, we wouldn't need PayPal as much.

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