I checked the first 4 links here on, with no luck.

I don't think I've ever found a G+ post there. Most I tried used numerical ID.

Even searching for posts under my username found nothing.

It claimed to have found one successful retrieval of that exact URL with nothing underneath it, but it goes to a 404 page (and doesn't offer to search for pages under that URL, ).

This at least does seem to have some content, but it's all just snapshots of my home stream -- and the content is often quite badly truncated.

Is there an index, anywhere, to what is available?

Also, Google needs to stop returning a 200 code for G+ URLs, because keeps claiming there's live content and offering to archive it... :kestraglow:

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@woozle Give me a few.

Could you confirm your primary blog / social (Friendica?) and _one_ RSS/Atom feed?

@dredmorbius I currently have no posting venue that provides RSS, as far as I know (unless Hubzilla does, somewhere).( :-/)

I currently have no primary venue for long-form posting. I occasionally use Hubzilla -- at which I am @woozle ( -- but I've found it frustrating in a number of ways that keep me from using it much. Friendica is down for the count because the upgrade process is broken. (:-/ again)

Some G+ URLs (some already tried, most not; URLs normalized per your instructions to the best of my knowledge):

Some on the more recent end:

@woozle I'm confirming that the first block of 4 *don't* appear on the WBM (wayback machine). 😔


@woozle I'm seeing a few issues with links here.

Some include '/u/o', some have vanity URL.

I can fix those in a bulk edit (vim), but need to get my password reset. Emailing for that separately.

@dredmorbius I should also make a template to link them to instead of G+, to make them easier to check. Will do that...

@woozle Did you have your account set to _not_ index online by chance?

Otherwise, my suggestion would be for you to (somehow) host a restored archive of your G+ content and redirect links to that.

@dredmorbius Replied to email -- check spam folder if it hathn't arrived'st.

@dredmorbius Let me know if my reply to your email didn't arrive, tho.

@dredmorbius I didn't know there was a way to set one's G+ account to not be indexed. (Too late to check now, ha.)

And yeah, that's my ultimate plan -- self-hosted archive, and point the links there. I was kinda hoping that in your searches, you might have come across some code for interpreting the TakeOut archive files (which do seem fathomable, but not without a little work).

@woozle I sent you a link that restructures the contents as Markdown.

That works via Pandoc, which means you can output other formats (MediaWiki is supported, hint, hint, hint) if desired.

Straight HTML too, if you're a True and Real Freak :neko_smiley:

@dredmorbius Sent it in email, or was it part of this multidimensional tootflurry?

@woozle Given .... what I'm seeing, that's not what happened. I suspect your using a Vanity URL may have affected the crawl.

One thing I did several times was to run IA's "save page now" URL over the extracted URLs of my entire G+ archive. So that's pretty comprehensively complete.

(I also stopped posting new content, excepting to the G+ Mass Migration community). Last comprehensive archive was about Jan 15, 2019, for me.

Water under the bilge and all that.

@woozle I'm *not* aware of a comprehensive index.

You *have* discovered the wildcard searching, under your ProfileID and by date. That's about the best I'm aware of.

@woozle Checking at

It looks as if you've converted all G+ links to pointers to the Internet Archive, possibly via InterWiki?

Not all of which work, but all of which work better than the original references ;-)

@dredmorbius I made a template -- which can later be re-pointed (with a single edit) at a self-hosted archive, once that's available -- and modified all the links to use it. ^.^

@woozle I ... think I know what that means. I'm finding other links still pointing to, will update as I note them.

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