In , when you switch tasks (which are like desktop workspaces, but apparently different?), the new task doesn't have any window selected -- even if there's a maximized window.

My habit from MATE is to click on the target task, wait for it to appear on screen then try to do things (type, scroll, whatever) -- but in KDE you have to click on a window to activate it before it will respond to anything.

In the meantime, it feels like everything has frozen up, because I start typing or scrolling and nothing happens.

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Even weirder: I've noticed that if I start typing before I click on the window, a small edit-box appears about halfway between screen-center and bottom-right-hand-corner, and my typing appears there.

It goes away if I try to do a screencap, so I can't show you exactly.

...but, like, what even is that? Where is my typing going to? Am I sending messages from there without knowing it?

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