Saving images from Discord:

a brief examination of good and bad UX

ideal: allow saving the image directly from Discord. (Can only do this with the web app; desktop app can only open image in another program, whence you can theoretically save it. It is Discord's fault that this option does not exist.)

acceptable: open the image in another app, such as a file viewer or web browser, that will let you save it. (MATE Desktop opens them in your default browser, and I've never yet encountered a situation where a browser wouldn't let me "save as" for an image file.)

bad: open the image in another app, but disable the app's "Save as..." menu option for no readily apparent reason. (KDE does it this way.)

At least I still have the option to "copy link" from Discord and then paste it into a browser's URL control -- but... 🤦‍♀️

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@woozle Yeah, in Mate it opens it in Vilvadi (for me) and i can save the image from there.

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