Nextcloud desktop client gives errors during sync, but very unhelpfully:

1. You can click on the folder icon to browse to your local copy of the file at issue, but:

1a. There's no hover-text to indicate that you can do this.
1b. There's no visual feedback, when you click, to indicate that something is happening. (Sometimes, nothing does.)
1c. There does not appear to be any way to configure which file browser is used. It apparently uses the system default, but this is only updated when the app starts.

2. The messages are very uninformative and often unnecessary.

2a. e.g. item #4 -- why is this even an error? If the file is supposed to be ignored, then *ignore it.*

2b. Many of these turn out to be empty folders, with no other evidence as to what the problem is.

2c. "Access forbidden" -- access forbidden *where?* Locally, or on the server? (It often turns out to be a permissions issue in the server's file repo.)

cc: @nextcloud

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Oh, and also: There is no way to clear the error list, so you can see which errors are new and which are old. Does this mean that the list only represents errors from the most recent sync attempt? Starting a new sync does not clear the list either, though, so it could be cumulative... and since new errors get added to the existing list while the sync is in progress, this would seem to be the case.

There should be a way to clear the error list.

Timestamps would be nice too. ...oh wait, "now" and "1 minute ago" are technically timestamps, aren't they... except that they're only updated when the list is modifie...can I please just have YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS pretty please?

Or if the devs really are hell-bent on "friendly" quasi-timestamps that give the time relative to the last update, how about a header showing what that time was? Or at least a header for each sync session, so I can tell which errors are current?

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