The whole time you have Spectacle open, it apparently keeps a cache of the filesystem.

KDE does not provide a way to refresh file listings (typically right-click -> refresh or F5).

So if for some reason you need to add a folder from outside of Spectacle for Spectacle to use, you have to close and reopen Spectacle before it can see the new folder.

(In this case, I wanted the folder to be a link to my screenshots folder in Nextcloud, and the dialog doesn't provide any way to make a link.)

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@woozle I'm not sure I understand your problem.

In the Save File dialog, there is a 'New Folder' button in the top right corner. Or do you mean something else in 'to use'?

@carl I needed to make a folder that is a link to another location. The Save File dialog isn't really designed for this kind of operation, so I have to do it elsewhere.

On coming back to the Save File dialog, the new folder does not appear even though it is actually present in the filesystem. I try: (a) press F5, (b) close the Save File dialog and reopen it, (c) close the Save File dialog and close the configuration dialog (then reopen both). Folder still does not show.

After closing Spectacle and reopening it, the folder appears in the Save File dialog -- but it took me awhile to figure that out because at first I thought maybe there was some kind of permissions issue.

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