Today revolved around some heavy conversations about the problems fedi has with people legitimately feeling unsafe and legitimately recognizing smiling villains for what they are but also sometimes eating our own because they smile the same way a villain might and you just can't be sure because a lot of people say they know someone who knows someone who says the smiling person is actually abusive.

Maybe they *are* abusive. How can we know? We don't know who to trust, or how to verify.

It's like a new Dark Ages -- we've emerged into this brave new wilderness of online friendship and betrayal, and we don't know how to light it up and see what's going on without attracting the attention of fascists.

All we have is the limited safety of our tiny federated campfires... and anyone who comes in from the dark might be a demon in disguise, or someone from an enemy camp.

We need to rediscover the Enlightenment, and re-conquer ignorance and superstition and fear.

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