Why is there no .LAIR TLD? 馃

Web 3 0 2

@woozle because nobody's bribed ICANN for it yet

Dragons are lazy, I guess

@LogicalDash Seems like a glorious capitalist opportunity being missed.

Ah well. Capitalists never were very inventive, so I guess they wouldn't see the need for a lair. Instead we get .HOTELS, .INSURANCE, .LAND, and .LAMBORGHINI (I kid you not).

@woozle Because the ferrets stole them all & hid them under the couch ;)

@Harena ...but there is no .COUCH!

...or even .SOFA!

Much sadness.

@woozle last time i looked these cost like $100k and basically anyone with the money can set up a new tld

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