Does anyone know what's up with It has apparently been down for several days.

It's quite a large instance, too (55k users).

There's been an unknown (from the user side) technical issue and they are planning to or did already move to new servers from the temporary error message that we got at some point from the cloudflare service

@dredmorbius Reading the thread about the outage, I found it interesting what someone said about Japan apparently having a legal system that encourages silence/opacity as a way of avoiding lawsuits.

I'm not sure how that works, but it sounds rather ghastly.

@woozle @dredmorbius If everything you can say can be held against you, why say anything?

@starbreaker @dredmorbius

I mean, in theory everything can, regardless. I say stuff anyway because I want to communicate.

The question in my mind is: what is it about the Japanese legal environment (or maybe culture?) that makes companies there particularly prone to opacity?

...and is there anything we can do to mitigate or counter that?

@woozle I left .cloud a long time ago due to the ethereal nature of it actually being there when I wanted to check Mastodon.

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