Dear @helpers ,

I'm having trouble with a new Friendica install (from Git, latest version).

I *think* I've followed all the instructions, but the only thing it does is redirect to an "install/" subfolder that doesn't exist.

Any idea where that content is supposed to come from?

Thanks in advance! ^.^

@woozle @tobias wrote:
Are you running Apache as web-server and did you copy the .htaccess-dist file to .htaccess?
@woozle It looks like URL rewrite doesn't work on your setup, if you're using Apache, please rename .htaccess-dist to .htaccess in the base folder. If you're using nginx+phpfpm, please look into mods/sample-nginx.config.

@hypolite @helpers

I was wondering if it was something like that -- but the instructions didn't say anything about that, and the .htaccess-dist file doesn't seem to reference an "install" URL-folder anywhere that I can see, so I didn't think to try that -- but it seems to have worked.

I've made notes here:

@hypolite @woozle Question is what instructions?
The help files and the install documentation do mention it. Is it missing somewhere?…
@woozle @hypolite have you copied the .htaccess-dist to .htaccess?
@hypolite @heluecht @woozle You have the right idea but you're a little late to the party. 😉
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