I just wanted to take this moment to commemorate the fact that I am finally closing my pinned Google+ tab.

(You may have noticed it takes me awhile to let go of things sometimes.)

@chara I never could figure out what that was even good for, aside from showing off l33t c0ding sk1llz...

...and yet *that* is the project they chose to open-source. WTF.

@woozle I still have a few of those open.

The practial value is that the tabs have the URLs of content which _may_ be in the Wayback Machine, should I hope to get back to it.

Though of course, when I actually visit the tabs, they're bounced through Google's really goddamned annyong account-signon / dead service reflector bullshit.

But yeah: I'm hangin' on longer than you ;-)

@dredmorbius Without even knowing what I wanted those links for, they become more like clutter that I really just shouldn't be keeping.

(Mind you, I still have a bunch stashed in various wikis, most with some kind of indication of what they're about -- I won't be tossing those.)

@woozle Oh, I hear you. I had a bunch of stuff open as the PLOOS was heading to its doom, much of which had at least _some_ significance. And I think most of that did get stashed to the Archive. At least I can give it one last gander before nuking the tabs. They're also on a system I don't get to often, which is the other reason why they've survived.

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