@woozle RIP Janice...

Reminds me of the Renault Fuego I had when I was in university in some ways though it looked very different. Quirky and cantankerous but a fast and very smooth ride. It also had a fuel economy gauge that displayed fuel consumption in litres per 100km.

Also it had an engine oil LEVEL gauge so you never needed to pull the dipstick. When you turned the key on but before starting it checked the oil level.

Also the horn was on the turn signal talk. Weird little car.

@msh I remember my parents encountering a car in England with the horn on the turn signal stalk. Seems kinda like bad UI design...

Why in the world *don't* more cars have an oil level meter, since it's apparently possible? (Probably the same reason oil pressure meters are increasingly rare too -- regarding which I can but speculate.)

That said, our newest car (Daisy the 2010 <s>Space</s> Honda Odyssey) has a digital readout for "oil life remaining", which seems useful -- although I don't know whether it's an actual measurement of some kind or just based on mileage since the last change.

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